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by admin last modified 2010-06-22 15:54

This area is meant as a quick collection of information updatable from users.

How this area is structured

(Registered users can see also the Quick start guide)

Evey group/project that makes the request is assigned with a subtree under the ET working area site.

Users collaborating to that group/project are made members of that group with the right to update the subtree.

The administration of each subtree is delegated to one Manager in the group.
The Manager of a group can add or remove other users in its own group picking them from the centralized list of the registered users of the site.

Registered users can update dinamically the web pages, create folders and upload objects.

The site is public in reading  except for the following areas that are present in each subtree:

  • A subfolder named Authenticated user only  where only registered users of the site can read
  • A subfolder named restricted where only members of the group owning the subtree can read

You can find local help hints here and the  official Plone documentation here